Pastor Jeff Rossman

4 Weeks: Jan. 16 – Feb. 6

Kingdom I

The Kingdom of God is the central and unifying theme of the Bible. In addition to a doctrinal study of the subject, students will be challenged to encounter the power of the Kingdom for everyday living. The Kingdom of God, therefore, is not merely a systematic branch of study, but a realm and rule in which every Christian is privileged to experience and expected to serve.

Mike Petramale

4 Weeks: Feb. 13 – Mar. 5

The Journey of Israel

This course is an in-depth and practical analysis of the journey of the children of Israel and provides the reader with an accurate, insightful account of the journey to Egypt and pilgrimage from Egypt to Zion.


Pastor Jeff Rossman

4 Weeks: Mar. 12 – Apr. 2


Apologetics is a study of the defenses of the Christian faith against claims that are in opposition to the truth.  This course will introduce the student to the importance of apologetics in the realm of evangelism as well as examine the significance of understanding truth from a biblical worldview.

Pastor Jeff Rossman

4 Weeks: Apr. 9 – Apr. 30

New Testsment Survey

This course is a general survey of the books of the New Testament, giving particular attention to the background, analysis and content of each book.

Due: June 15th


Preparing & Leading a Bible Study

The purpose of this practicum is to give the student the experience of helping lead others into a deeper understanding of God’s Word